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Lipo-Laser is a non-invasive device that emits low levels of laser energy to literally melt the fat under the skin in any body part of your choice. The advantage of this approach is that instead of just losing some pounds in general you chose in exactly which area to lose them, thus shaping your body as a sculptor would shape his statue. For example, some people have protruding beer bellies and even when they lose a few pounds through diet and exercise the belly may still protrude in unattractive way because the weight loss is distributed evenly throughout the body. Other clients of ours want to shrink their waistlines and some women want to reduce the size of their hips or upper arms. All this can be accomplished with Lipo-Laser without pain and discomfort.

This low intensity laser is approved by FDA and works by placing light emitting pads directly on the skin for 20 minutes. The light painlessly penetrates the skin and begins to slowly melt the fat cells, breaking them up into fatty acids and glycerol. Those fat components are transported by blood to other areas where they would be burned later during exercise.

Lipo Laser

Key Benefits of Lipo-Laser Sessions:

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