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Daniela Before Daniela After

My name is Daniella and this is my story: I have never been what society would call "slender". I was riddled with health problems from an early age, which continued into early adulthood. I had every health problem imaginable - inexplicably high white blood cells, inexplicable incurable reflux, I was always coughing, always in and out of upper respiratory infections, pre-diabetic, always in pain, etc. For all of the money we spend on health care in this country, all of the money studies say is wasted on unnecessary testing, it really is remarkable that she could sit me down at a computer, tell me what was wrong with me, and how we were going to fix it. In one office, in one visit.

It was a blessing in disguise that I found Natalya that week, because the next day I landed in the hospital with breathing complications from my latest uncured upper respiratory tract infection. Apparently, my body had become resistant to the only antibiotic I could take, and I was still sick after a month. The attending physician sent me home with a prescription for the same antibiotic to which he declared me resistant. I knew that was the final straw. After committing to ridding my body of the toxins that modern medicine and food industry have polluted me with, I committed to lifestyle change. I eat very clean (organic if possible), very balanced (protein and veg with every meal, protein and healthy fats for snacks & pureed fruit), and stay away from the stuff my body doesn't need. While committing to treatments and supplements is important, I also paid attention to Natalya's instructions on what to eat and what to avoid, especially when first beginning treatment.

Unfortunately, eating clean isn't always enough. In my case, I had ballooned to nearly 280 and hadn't even realized it in terms of how I looked. I knew I was bigger but I didn't see the same thing everyone else did. However, Natalya taught me one very important thing - a doctor can cut something out or sew something back together, but in the end, it's still your body that has to heal itself, and that comes from how you take care of it.

When people see the before and after pictures and ask me how I did it, I reply: I made a decision, committed to it, never gave up, and changed my life, not just my body. Long story short stay away from any and all medications if possible, ingest things in the most natural state you can find them in, and surround yourself with quality people that nurture your soul and support and inspire you. Natalya is one of those incredible people. She has been there for me every step of the way, guiding and encouraging me. She has helped so many people change their lives, and I'm honored and blessed to be one of them. She's not a doctor - she's a miracle worker. Natalya doesn't medicate - she HEALS. She helps your body fix, shows you how to treat it right and keep it working beautifully. If something is wrong, I go to Natalya because I want to heal, get better, get well, and live. If I want to be poisoned with stuff that actually prevents my body from successfully beating whatever is trying to weaken it and possibly die, I'll go to a doctor.

Daniela Umanova, October, 2011

With a deep gratitude I write to you about my improvement. I got rid of constant headaches, blood pressure normalized, chronic pains disappeared, and I have much more energy and a sense of well-being than before. Thank you for your patience, caring, and knowledge. I feel better now than ever before.

Helen Kachkin

Dear Natalya Vilner,I would like to thank you for your devotion to your patients. You are truly a doctor who cares about their patients. After a course of colonics, ionic cleansing and intensive herbal medicine program, my health is improved and especially in the areas where I had chronic pain and discomfort. My headaches are gone, I feel more energetic and young. Now I understand the importance of colon cleansing and diet, and how itÂ’s important to be disciplined and patient when it comes to your health. I think everybody can achieve amazing results if they really want. My true appreciation to you and your assistant as well who always was flexible with time when I needed.

Margaret Minta

Several years ago I was diagnosed with extremely low thyroid function, and I was put on medication for Thyroid gland. After taking these tablets for a while. I started to understand that medication works the same way as insulin works for diabetics (it goes into the blood and substitutes the real hormone and the pancreas remains in the same condition). I felt very bad. I just could not function normally: neither work nor study. All my attempts to turn to the Doctors help were futile. Nobody could help me! The meeting with Natalya Z. Changed my whole life. After the first computerized body scanning I purchased all the supplements and herbal remedies that Natalya recommended at this time. I want to note that the change for the better started almost immediately after I started taking them. Natalya Vilner's methods of treatment have helped me not only in the treatment of pancreas but greatly increased the level of my general health and vitality. She thought me how to cleanse the colon , liver and how to overcome various other problems. I thank God that I’ve meet such a remarkable specialist and person as Natalya Znamenok.

Tamara Belanova 1998

I am very grateful to Natalya Znamenok that she healed me of all my ailments , which I used to have and which did not allow me to enjoy life. During many years I did not know what was going on with me. When I came to the SlimFast office I got the correct diagnosis and was given effective treatment. The treatment hasn’t been easy and quick. Despite the strong healing crisis I continued with the treatment. I had a goal to get well. Thank you a lot Natalya that you give health to the people and for the uneasy work that you do.

Ella 05/30/2003

When I got to the SlimFast Spa I had so many problems that I did not know from where to start from. We started from the basic cleansing of internal organs and detox, plus taking of natural remedies that kill infection. Gradually we were moving one from problem to another eliminating them step by step. I remember as Natalya once said "think that you enrolled in the school of health and learn to maintain your well-being. And I became a good student. What a luck that there is such a specialist in alternative health whom you can always call and she is always ready to help. Now I feel safe and secure because there is Natalya Z. And going to regular medical doctor proved to be a waste of time & money for me.

Tanya July,14th 2003

The testing and selection of natural remedies and nutrition is conducted with great care and expertise and is always exclusively individual. After a series of procedures together with taking vitamins and natural remedies my condition greatly improved: The cardiovascular spams have stopped, the energy level increased so much that I started my own business and became active an sports, after many years of couch potato lifestyle. I stopped taking Tylrol + Lipitor and feel wonderful using natural remedies and conducting the cleansing program and using the electromagnetic generator.

Ludmila Stauhova 6/12/03

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